Monday, December 27, 2010

So You're In Savannah....Where To Drink

One of the features on the 'new and improved' (ahem.) Savannah Street Style blog will be called "So You're In Savannah.." which will focus on certain areas/ideas/things to do in the city. People often come to Savannah and think they've covered it all when in reality, they might have passed a lot of hidden gems that could wind up being some of their favorite places ever. So if you're one who appreciates 'off the beaten path' finds, you will probably be into these suggestions. Or not! But hey, let's be friends and hear each other out!

Alright. So let's get real. You've found yourself in Savannah and you're looking to go out for a drink. This town may look quaint and adorable (and it is!) but this town likes a good drink. Who doesn't? You've come to the right place if you want a lot (but not too many) of alcoholic options. And by alcoholic options, i mean places to go to get your drink on and not prospective mates that may or not be drunk Prince and Princess Charmings. I'll leave that one to a Savannah dating blog. 

Check out these fantastic & fun Savannah watering holes.

Hangfire Bar
37 Whitaker Street
photo courtesy of justin taylor photography

A great bar that you can continuously go to and never get sick of it is very hard to find. Hangfire is absolutely one of those places. You can tell because when you go there every Thursday, or every Friday, or Saturday night you look around and see that everyone else seems to have the same idea. Familiar faces all around. It's a bar that seems to have something cool going on every time you step foot in there. If they aren't having a hilariously fun karaoke night, there is usually a local (good) band playing or a DJ spinning great music that makes everyone get up and dance. Don't fret though, my Savannah friend. The music selection is always a mix of everything that your ears want to hear. And if there is no DJ, just play songs on the jukebox. Or get drunk with their amazing drinks with pretty decent pricing (no minimum on cards which also rules) You better grab a Scorpian Tea, for just $5 served in a mason jar. What's in it? Don't even ask me. Just drink it and enjoy. Write some vulgar stuff on the chalkboard walls in the bathroom while you're at it. Everyone does it. No one will know it's you, unless you want them to know! Fun dancing, great drinks, wonderful music and anonymity at it's finest. Get there. 

The Jinx
127 West Congress Street

The Jinx will always have a special place in my heart since it was the first Savannah bar I had ever stepped foot in. It definitely gave me a very epic "Welcome to Savannah" night. While it kind of has the feel of a 'punk bar', it's filled with a mix of different characters (like most places in Savannah) but most of the characters in there are ones you want to be surrounded by. It's a large space with a huge stage to dance on or watch bands perform. The entire left side of the bar is lined with cozy booths to sit in with old school video games & a perfect view of everyone in the place (if people watching is your thing). Get up and dance, or end your night there and make friends with a few strangers. Dance parties on Thursday nights are always a good time, with $1 well drinks for girls and free admission before midnight. There's always something fun going on at the Jinx and it's one of the most special places in Savannah to go and make memories...or forget them the next morning. Either one, just go and have fun. You will.

Crystal Beer Parlor
301 West Jones Street

Crystal Beer Parlor is definitely more of a cozy, low key Savannah bar experience paired with some of the best comfort food in the city. Closing at 11pm on the weekends, it's not a place to have a drunken all-nighter (which we don't condone on this blog anyway!..... or something) but it's an experience you need to have. Located in the quaint historical district, surrounded by homes instead of other restaurants/stores, it feels like the perfect neighborhood pub. With the best burger in town (Yeah I said it!), and a great selection of classic and delicious beer, Crystal Beer Parlor is the perfect place to begin your night, or just to call it a night. 

Pinkie Masters
318 Drayton Street

One of the best divey bars in Savannah, if not the best. It's small, 'no frills', dark and smokey with a collection of local characters in there at all times. Stick with a PBR, have a seat at the bar or in one of the beat up but comfortable booths and strike up conversation, people watch and select songs on the jukebox. Pinkie's is one of those places that whenever a big name person comes to town, they somehow always wind up there. Drew Barrymore & Justin Long love it, or so I've heard from people who have spotted them there. Best part of any of the bars in Savannah is that you can take a to-go cup and wander around the streets at night (with caution of course). Pinkie's is my favorite bar to get a drink and hang out but then wander around it's surrounding area with a to-go cup and see what you stumble upon. 

The Bohemian Hotel Rooftop Bar
102 Bay Street

Whenever family comes to town or when I give city suggestions, The Bohemian Hotel is always a place that comes to mind. It's a new upscale boutique hotel located near the Savannah River that is just as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy a fantastic meal at the hotel's restaurant "Rocks on the River" downstairs, and then wander on upstairs to the roof for a true Savannah experience. Drinks are a bit expensive and the crowd definitely isn't the same as the bars listed above, but grab friends or a date and head up there to drool over the dreamy beautiful view. The atmosphere makes you feel like you're miles away from a sleepy historical Southern town, but has enough hints of it to make you still feel warmhearted.

That's all for now but there are PLENTY more! So keep your eyes open & stay tuned. 


After a hiatus, this blog is going to return. While the main focus will be on Savannah's street style, instead of doing a lot of random 'people on the street' posts, I want to focus on more. So from now on, there will be a mix of shop reviews, different explorations of Savannah's little neighborhoods, bars/restaurant features, different style events, etc. So stay tuned because this winter there will be much more to come! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Who is he?
Funfere, an industrial design student at SCAD & blogger!

Favorite Savannah spot?
"I'd have to say Montgomery street..all the way down by Montgomery Hall. It's just a whole other world down there compared to the Historic District. It's a good contrast"

What is he wearing?
First of all, check out that fantastic lego bow tie that Funfere made himself. His shoes, his bag, crisp white shirt, etc. Everything works together perfectly to give off a dapper, classic yet modern gentleman look. 

What are you inspired by?
"I'm inspired by taking bits and pieces of other styles that are different than mine, or similar, and putting my own twist on it" After spending a couple of minutes with him, it became clear that he's a fan of mixing different ideas, not paying attention to hype and brand names, and putting his personality into what he's wearing.

Take a look at his blog for more on Funfere and his fantastic style & outlook on fashion. 


Who is she?
Jessica, a fashion design student at SCAD & button maker extraordinaire at Ox&Oak

Favorite Savannah spot?
The Distillery, which is a delicious and fun craft beer bar & restaurant located on Liberty St.

What is she wearing?
"The top was once my Mom's...vintage! My dress is American Apparel, shoes are Urban Outfitters, bracelets are a mix of old & new, and my bag is vintage from Etsy". Oh yes, let's get a closer view of that amazing vintage bag, shall we..
That little guy's name is Henry, by the way. Who doesn't want a bag that you can parade around town with and also pet it's head whenever you feel like it? I mean that's kind of the best of both worlds if you ask me. Definitely a conversation piece, and adds the perfect finishing touch to Jessica's look.

Favorite presentation from last week's NY Fashion Week?
After much thought, Jessica decided on naming Chris Benz's collection as her favorite.

Loren & Meredith

Who are they?
SCAD students/friends Loren and Meredith

What are they wearing?
These two really caught my eye because of how well the colors of their outfits worked together. "We didn't plan to dress alike today, it just happened!" Loren explained. 

Photographed on the steps of Eckburg Hall while waiting for the Sartorialist/Garance Dore speech today (which was amazing, by the way), I had some difficulty capturing Meredith due to some humidity on my camera lens. I didn't notice this until later on, so I apologize for that. 

What inspires their style?
"I really love detail & preppy style", Loren explains. "Dressing for comfort is important", Meredith says. They put out a very Americana vibe. Some stripes, navy & white, structured blazers, and an added pop of red is something that will never get old. Always classic and chic.


Who is he?
Eduardo, a fashion major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot?
"Pulaski Square," Eduardo explained after giving the question some thought, "It's beautiful, the grass is high and the trees remind me of lightning bolts"

What is he wearing?
Layering black shorts over some "man-leggings" (let's call them meggings.) is something that I haven't seen yet but want to see more of. Eduardo pulls this whole outfit off perfectly. It's a great 'extra something' for an all black & white outfit. Love his glasses also.

Favorite trend/presentation at this past week's NYC Fashion Week?
Eduardo called Rodarte's Spring 2011 collection one of his favorites which was a surprise for him since he never cared for Rodarte before. Check out the collection here. I'd have to agree with him 100%.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Who is she?
Stacy, originally from Ohio living here with her husband stationed at Hunter Army Airfield

Favorite Savannah spot?
Half Moon Outfitters, which is a place on Broughton St. that offers a wide variety of outdoor sports gear and clothing.

What is she listening to?
"I listen to a lot of 90's alternative rock, especially R.E.M" 

What is she wearing?
Stacy's eye catching and cheery yellow dress is from Macy's. Perfect for a nice walk in this beautiful weather. How cute are those dogs, by the way?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

vintage street style

let's look back at different street styles of the past..

The purpose of this blog is to obviously focus on the street style that happens in Savannah and getting to know personal opinions on not only style, but different things happening around Savannah. However, street style is such a wide world especially with the internet at your fingertips. With one click, you can be transported to the magical world of Danish street style, or the dreamy, sometimes cartoon-like world of Tokyo street style. You can travel all over the world and view quick snapshots of people you don't even know, admire what they are wearing and then find out why. That's a pretty fantastic thing, if you ask me.

One thing that is great about delving into the street style world is reliving the past. The paparazzi is alive and well right now as we all know, and with one flip of a tabloid while waiting for your groceries to be rung up or one click of a mouse on a gossip website you can see any celebrity waltzing down the street styled in the most fantastic clothing. It has become a huge marketing strategy where designers place these pieces on well known figures in order to attract and entice people like us. People who love to be..let's face it...voyeurs! 

With that said, I still stand by the fact that street style whether it is a celebrity or a regular person living their everyday life, is the purest form of fashion. It is usually pristine in the sense that there is no hype, no inauthenticity, it is who the person is at that very moment in the world. You see a woman walking down the street in black pants and a white tee shirt,  you see her in her element. She's not at a photo shoot with people styling her from head to toe, in order to sell an image or a product. That's what she picked out for herself that morning. It's just her.

Vintage street style takes it up a notch with the purity level because there was little to none marketing incentive back then to put on a pair of designer jeans and hold the latest bag. They were who they were. Of course these celebrities were image conscious but not nearly as much as they are now. What is great about these types of old photos of celebrities is that they are still being celebrated right now, especially in the fashion world, for the way that they dressed themselves in their everyday life. The personal style of people like Jackie O, Francoise Hardy, Steve McQueen, Anita Pallenberg, James Dean, etc. are still to this day being used as inspiration for designers' collections.  It's refreshing to look at, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Who is he?
Alan, an advertising major (minor in fashion marketing) at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot?
"My porch! It's the first porch i've ever had and it's great. Just the other day, it was raining and I didn't feel like staying inside so the porch was the perfect place to be." Another great Sav spot that Alan loves is happy hour Fridays at The Rail Pub on Congress St. "It's from 4-6pm and you get free chicken!"

What is he wearing?
As a current employee of Urban Outfitters, Alan is remaining loyal to the brand today by wearing all BDG.   "The shoes are Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi that I got in Brooklyn. I purchased the backpack in Rome, it is United Colors of Benneton and the sunglasses are by Gucci".

Favorite designers/styles?
"I'm trying out the whole Americana look for fall. Lots of neutrals and basics which make it easy to match with whatever weather it will be outside that day."

Want to see more from Alan? Check out his tumblr here.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Who is she?
Liz, a fashion design major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spots?
Loves to make shopping stops at favorites such as Urban outfitters & Civvies. She also misses when American Apparel had a home on Broughton street!

Favorite Style Icons/Designers?
"Alexander Mcqueen! I was devastated when he passed away and consider him a huge inspiration".

What is she wearing?
 Liz pairs a high waisted black skirt with layered colorful tops for the perfect first day of school outfit.  To top it off, she's paying tribute to her favorite designer by wearing Alexander McQueen's chic large black sunglasses.

To learn more about Liz, check out her blog here!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Who is she?
Bridget, an illustration major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot(s):
The Sentient Bean & Forsyth Park, especially now that she lives down the street. 

What is she wearing?:
Mostly dressing herself for whatever mood she is in that day, Bridget is wearing a laid back and comfortable outfit perfect for walking around in this heat! Bridget is currently into the band Umphrey's Mcgee, and loves the Grateful Dead, jam bands & jazz. She's especially excited for Savannah's upcoming Jazz Festival at Forsyth which takes place September 16th until the 26th!


Who is she?
Katie, a fashion design major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot(s):
"Places like Urban Outfitters, Civvies, Forsyth Park"

What is she wearing?:
Wearing an all black ensemble, Katie keeps it cool in a breezy beautiful black dress, a cross body brown purse & adorable sandals. She has a love for bridal design & considers Betsey Johnson one of her main idols. 


Who is he?
Justin, a performing arts major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot(s)?:
A mix of places like Forsyth Park, and it's local hang out The Sentient Bean. lastly, the Colonial Park Cemetery on Abercorn & Oglethorpe Street. (If you haven't wandered through there day or night, you really should. It's hauntingly beautiful.)

What's he wearing?:
Opting for an all black outfit & cross body messenger bag, Justin keeps it simple and easy. Wish you could get a better glimpse of his amazing ring & his great sunglasses.


Who is she?:
Hannah, a photography major at SCAD in her sophomore year.

Favorite Savannah spot:
Since we all know (and love..kind of) the fact that Savannah is known for being awfully steamy, Hannah's first response naturally was"anywhere in the shade!" As for shopping she loves Primary Art Supply & tries to stay away from popular clothing labels and sticks to stores like Civvies. Both places are right on Broughton street.

What's she wearing?:
Relaxed in the shade under the spanish moss at Forsyth Park, Hannah is wearing a blue buffalo plaid shirt, jeans & a tee. As for her daily outfit routine, Hannah likes to throw on the first thing she sees in the morning and dresses to be comfortable. 


Who is she?
Cynthia, a dramatic writing major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot:
  Hangfire Bar on Congress & Whitaker Street, "It's filled with characters & perfect for people watching!"

What is she wearing?: 
Cynthia's adorable Esmerelda tee-shirt is a hand-me-down from a friend, and the jean cut offs were once a pair of Express jeans but now are her favorite summer shorts. "I wear them everyday", Cynthia said. "I really wanted to wear a tee-shirt today and the shorts are easy to bike in!". Her shoes appear as if they are Tom's shoes but they are really $6 finds from Chinatown in NYC. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

here are some great guides to savannah from various sites around the web. it's always cool to see how each blogger/writer depicts savannah and what their favorites spots are. if you've come across any great guides, or you have any personal suggestions please send some! :]

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-love you in the fall-

remember to stay tuned for street style updates next week. 

there are so many street style blogs all over the big bad world wide web, but i feel it's time for savannah, ga to find it's little lace out there. 

known for it's spanish moss, beautiful architecture, southern charm & eccentricity, savannah is the perfect spot for people watching. with the savannah college of art & design reigning over the city, there are fresh & creative minds galavanting around the city at all hours. it's probably the most colorful city in the south. i'm not only referring to the pretty colors of the magnolias, but the very colorful personalities. there are tons of inspiring, stylish young (and old) things calling this city home and it's time for you, the internet, to meet them. 

keep checking back for street style pictures & interviews coming soon.