Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loren & Meredith

Who are they?
SCAD students/friends Loren and Meredith

What are they wearing?
These two really caught my eye because of how well the colors of their outfits worked together. "We didn't plan to dress alike today, it just happened!" Loren explained. 

Photographed on the steps of Eckburg Hall while waiting for the Sartorialist/Garance Dore speech today (which was amazing, by the way), I had some difficulty capturing Meredith due to some humidity on my camera lens. I didn't notice this until later on, so I apologize for that. 

What inspires their style?
"I really love detail & preppy style", Loren explains. "Dressing for comfort is important", Meredith says. They put out a very Americana vibe. Some stripes, navy & white, structured blazers, and an added pop of red is something that will never get old. Always classic and chic.

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