Saturday, January 29, 2011

hit the books

SCAD's almost midterms. So you know what that means. Library time. Computer lab time. Studio time. Lots of time. So be comfy chic while you're spending time working on what you love. Even if it's tiring and time consuming sometimes, remember there's a reason for it! Put some Otis Redding on and drink 4,000 cups of coffee. You got this.

For our second featured interview post, I'd like to introduce you all to Bridget Blanton who runs a unique style blog based in Savannah. Bridget expresses her personal taste and talents throughout her blog but especially when it comes to her street style posts that do not involve a camera, but instead her impressive sketching skills. It truly gives a new twist to the idea of capturing a stranger's essence based on what they are wearing. So let's get to know more about Bridget and her blog The Fashion File (formerly the Savannah Sartorialist)

1. Hi Bridget! First, thank you for participating in this interview! I have to say, your blog The Fashion File is a really interesting and dynamic site! It really does a fantastic job at showcasing your amazing fashion sketching skills as well as showing your personality. What was your intention when you first started the blog?

No problem at all! I’m really flattered that you’ve asked to interview me. My initial intentions for the blog were to record inspiration I found around Savannah as a resource for my own fashion designs. I started it back in 2008 when I was just beginning to take fashion classes at SCAD. I found myself constantly checking out The Sartorialist and thought that I could do something similar (hence the “formally known as The Savannah Sartorialist”). It was also a great way for me to break out of my shell a bit and approach people I didn’t know. It really brightens their day when you tell them how fantastic their outfit is! From there the blog has really been an evolving project that changes as I do!

2. I find it so fantastic that instead of snapping street style photographs of people around Savannah, you actually sketch them! That's pretty amazing. Can you describe your process from finding the right person all the way to completing the final sketch?

The idea for sketching instead of photographing people began with a project I had for a class. I was struggling to do more with my blog and combining my two favorite things, fashion and illustration, seemed the way to go. My process is usually to set up somewhere with lots of passer-bys. From there I just wait for someone to peak my interest (more than just a cute piece, but an entire look that I find particularly stylish) and then “speed sketch” as many details as possible. Then I take that back home and make any necessary changes to help the drawing read better. At times when I don’t have my sketchbook but I find someone really inspiring, I’ll snap a photo on my phone or with my camera and do the drawing later.

3. Is there a certain spot/neighborhood in Savannah that you would consider the most stylish & best for gaining inspiration?

I usually find the best folks on Broughton St. It’s where you find both locals and tourists. Coffee shops and more recently frozen yogurt shops seem the best place for me to get a great view and have plenty of time to hang out and sketch. Two other great spots: Forsyth Park and of course, the SCAD fashion building.

4. I understand that you're a SCAD fashion student. What is your favorite thing that you've learned so far from the fashion program and how have you incorporated it into your everyday life?

Well, I’ve actually changed majors to Illustration and now only have a minor in Fashion. However, I learned a ton in the classes I’ve taken. The most favorite thing I’ve learned has to be how to make inspiration boards and research books. I love collecting images and organizing images on a page. It’s something that helps a great deal when related to my illustration work as well. The program also taught me to look for inspiration ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. It’s an important as a visual artist or designer to have “a good eye.” That’s something I definitely use daily.

5. As a fellow SCAD fashion student, I've got to admit that I'm so jealous of your sketching skills. I'm just awful at it! Have you always loved to draw? 

Drawing has been a passion of mine since I was small. I eventually found that I was obsessed with drawing women and dressing them in “fancy” clothes. I’ve been obsessed ever since! 

6. What are some of your favorite things in general about living/going to school in Savannah?

The scenery is the best. There’s a perfect balance of green and city here. I love all things antique and vintage and that love is what drew me to Savannah. I’m always inspired by the ornate iron work and little details on the buildings. Location wise it’s the perfect distance from home (about 4 hours) and the beach!

7. Savannah has some pretty good shopping, whether you want new or vintage. What are some of your fashion/shopping suggestions for Savannah girls?

Shopping in Savannah isn’t complete without a stop at Civvies! I’m in love with vintage clothes, and Civvies always has my fix! Red Clover, Terra Cotta, Custard, and the newly opened Fab’rik are some of my favorite places to find new pieces. 

8. Are there any blogs that you frequent religiously? What draws you to a good blog & what makes you want to return to it?

The Sartorialist is always at the top of my must-visit blog list. I check blogs when I need inspiration and Schuman’s images always speak to me whether it is for a fashion or illustration project. I also frequent Garance Dore’s blog, street style bloggers, and most recently, Mint Design Blog.

9. One word to describe Savannah?


10. Thank you again for answering these questions! I hope you continue to post your wonderful street style sketches because you've got a great eye and talent for it! I know I'll keep checking back for them :)

Thank you! I hope to get back into posting more regularly soon!

for more, check out bridget's blog the fashion file!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


it's thursday! hooray! if you're a SCAD student, you know that thursdays are one of the best nights to go out in savannah. no school on friday, hello, and not to mention tons of stuff to do downtown. so whether you're going to grab yourself a scorpian tea at Hangfire and listen to karaoke (or participate in karaoke? why the hell not.) or dance your ass off at The Jinx, put on your most comfortable yet chic outfit and go have some fun.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

savannah rainy day

today was a gray, rainy and cold day on the streets of savannah. atleast we're not like our pals in atlanta, covered in snow and ice with our schedules getting delayed due to dangerous conditions. but still, we can let out a big ol' sigh and all agree that this weather sure is gloomy.

so here's to still managing to get out of our pajamas in the morning when the weather is just screaming "stay in bed!"

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This is Savannah

Turn of the Centuries offers some of the most beautiful notecards, postcards, prints, and books on Etsy. One of the best parts? The city of Savannah acts as one of the main focuses for most of the pieces. A perfect souvenir for any Savannah former/current Savannah residents or just tourists who are still in love with the city would be "This is Savannah Vol 2." which is the second series of handmade architectural drawings of the city streets. Covering streets like Jones, Tattnall and East Broad, this book offers a different perspective of what we all know and love in the downtown historic district.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to Polyvore!
It's starting to get a little chilly here, but nothing like the cold weather our Northern friends are getting. It's still pretty much sweater and boots weather here and it's the best temperature to put your ipod in your ears and wander the cobblestone streets underneath the spanish moss. 

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Southern Flourish

Have you read Southern Flourish yet? If not, get over to their website to learn more about this fantastic online magazine dedicated to all things beautiful, stylish & Southern. 

fashion plates

It's extremely difficult to walk into ShopSCAD and not feel inspired, but it's especially difficult to walk out of there empty handed. With the most awe-inspiring and unique merchandise to chose from, ShopSCAD is without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) places in Savannah to pick up the most amazing items that will have everyone asking "Where did you get that!?"

All of the style lovers out there must take a look at Ben Morris' beautiful fashion plates. With it's unique shape and crisp & clean design, these plates are almost too pretty to eat off of. Available in a variety of outstanding colors such as gecko, mustard, wine and teal. 

shop now.

shopSCAD is located at 340 Bull Street, right across from Madison Square.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For our first featured interview post, I'd like to introduce you all to Ginny Branch Stelling! She is a SCAD graduate, stylist, illustrator, fashion girl (she once worked at Marc Jacobs! hello dream job!) and blogger extraordinaire! Her style is not only unique but romantic and charming, and her blog is the dreamiest of them all. You can learn more about her by heading over to My Favorite Color is Shiny and also peruse her lovely posts at Design*Sponge. But first, let's get to know Ginny a bit more & hear about her time in Savannah!

First off, thank you so much for agreeing to answer these questions! I've been a huge fan of your blog and your work with Design*Sponge for a while! I understand that you graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2007. What are some of the things that loved about being in Savannah?

Thank you so much, that's such a lovely thing to say! I loved biking
around the city on my pink cruiser wearing vintage dresses! i loved
buying stacks of magazines at home run video and poring over them
while downing massive amounts of coffee at gallery espresso. i loved
biking through the park in the early spring(when it was still kind of
cold) and getting lime-ade's from the sentient bean. back in the day
bakery was one of my absolute favorite spots in the WORLD! i would
hang out with cheryl and eat copious amounts of vanilla/vanilla
cupcakes. i loved the architecture. the houses are so big and
beautiful and romantic. i lived in this one house on gordon st that
was a brick town house being swallowed in ivy. three floors, every
room had a fireplace mantle and every floor had at least one GIANT
walk-in closet. i could have lived in that house forever!!!

i also loved the people i met the most. i am getting teary-eyed just
thinking about all of them. some of the best people i have met in my
whole life.

Just by being around all of the beautiful architecture, mossy trees and quirky Savannah characters, it's hard to not feel motivated in this tiny city. What were your favorite spots to go to in the city during your downtime to inspire your creativity?

biking up and down jones st really made me feel happy and alive. i
also spent many hours falling in love with the store @ home (both
locations) and paris market (both locations). each store was chock
full of beautiful, sentimental objects that inspired many college
projects and truly shaped my aesthetic.

 Your blog really evokes this beautiful, feminine & romantic feeling that is truly enjoyable as a reader. What are some things in your life, past & present, that influence your current style?

thank you again! my style is influenced by so many things, i have a
lot of love for... 1920s workwear, 1920s flappery beaded things and
lingerie, victorian photographs, literature, undergarments,  and
interiors (and hairstyles), tomboyish style from the 60s, jeffrey
mcdaniel's poetry,  pablo neruda's poetry, little edie beale and grey
gardens, things that are dilapidated(beautiful decay), peeling paint,
chipped and broken pottery, clothing that is threadbare or shows signs
of mending/darning, the unusual(curiosities and oddities), maison
martin margiela, simone shubuck(artist), partners &
spade(designers/artists/retail owners)

i worship at the altar of
sibella court( my favorite stylist in the world), i also fancy mary
randolph carter and mark & sally bailey, RRL and ralph lauren's
vintage stock, southern hospitality, vintage scrapbooks and journals,
old ledgers, flower(fresh, dried, and pressed-all of the above),
mixing humble materials (burlap, muslin, canvas with like dirty,
grungy vintage sequins and beading), collections(any and all- i find
groupings of things fasinating, and the psychology behind it), maira
kalman(artist), cedric smith(painter), henry dragger(artist), collage
art. i'm also loving the trend(hate that word) of general
stores/mercantiles. in new york there are a lot of them, and i'm
obsessed with objects that are so authentic and purposeful and humble.
it balances my love for tacky, flashy things.

If you had to describe one constant thing about your style & overall outlook on design, what would it be?

as far as my styling or illustration work... i really like combining
nostalgia and the feeling of being in love OR i like juxtaposing
something seemingly sweet or childlike with something somewhat
sinister or uncomfortable(if i'm feeling bold-ha). i'm allowed to be
bolder when i blog or illustrate because it is more for my personal
enjoyment. if i'm working for a client, that is typically not the kind
of direction they want to go in (basically i try and keep it light and
lively for magazine work).

 Being from the New York area, I know how different it feels up north from how it feels down here in the south. What were some of the things that you loved about your time in New York City that differed from your time in Georgia?

honestly, i really, really miss the diversity. in every way new york is truly a melting pot of thoughts, religions, manners of dress, social statuses, neighborhoods, lifestyles... just about everything. i loved having so many different kinds of people living in one tiny island. i was constantly learning new things and trying new restaurants and discovering new places to shop and hang out. i miss the stimulation and creative energy of the people who lived there. georgia(especially atlanta, savannah, and athens) has a lot to offer creatively, it is just more spread out. new york was so accessible. you could be poor and still live a full life there(even though rent was just the pits).

If you weren't doing what you are doing right now, and had to go back to SCAD all over again for an entirely different degree, what would it be?

graphic design! i would go back today and get a MFA in it (if i had
the money). I'm naturally a very tactile, hand-crafted girl that I
would love to be trained in all things tech. Mixing the two
sensibilities is the jam! or i'd do something completely different like go to circus school.
seriously. i think that would be amazing and almost took some circus
classes at coney island!

 As a little girl, did you always have dreams of working in fashion or did the desire come later on?

since i was in the 6th grade i always, always wanted to be a fashion designer. now, less so, because i'm a pitiful seamstress and am lousy at the basics(pattern drafting and draping). also, my personality is not best suited to be a fashion designer. it's an extremely, extremely tough profession and is not for the faint of heart. i love styling because i think my skill set is better suited for the kind of job requirements. i love being able to create moods and stories (and shop for beautiful things). styling there is a narrative and i feel i get to enjoy the entire development process more. fashion design in new york is very fast-paced, demanding, and very, very business-y.

i need to be in a field where i can have more creative control and is less about meetings and numbers and sales. but that is just me, and i don't say that to sound cynical! a lot of my friends currently are at design houses in new york and are very successful at what they do!

 It's starting to get a little bit chilly here in Savannah. What are some of your favorite current trends right now for cold weather?

i love a 1960s camel coat( like ali macgraw's in love story), chunky
chunky fisherman sweaters, and if i was a little edgier i would
totally rock a leather pilot jacket with all the yummy shearling(
total amelia earhart style).

 Your personal style is so wonderful and eclectic, so I must you have any favorite Savannah thrifting spots or tips to scoring perfect second hand gems?

aww, that's awfully generous! i can't remember where i used to shop... one is this antique shop that is in an old gas station on bull st maybe? it's near jones st, i think. i also loved peddler jims, @ home, paris market, the goodwills and salvation armies, this vintage shop that used to be in starland gallery. and there was this other awesome vintage clothing store that closed (it was in a two floor townhouse that was by the sorrel weed house, i think). savannah has changed so much, i feel like i don't know any cool spots anymore!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!  On behalf of Savannah Street Style, it's a pleasure to see your wonderful visions on your blog, representing SCAD so well & we look forward to seeing what you do next :]

thank  you so much! i'm sorry if i rambled... i talk a lot!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lovelane designs

if you're a fan of filling your life & home with kitschy & vintage inspired handmade items, then you're going to need to head over to Lovelane Designs for the perfect little pieces. Designer Lane Huerta has been in Savannah since 2006 and finds the city's quirkiness to be a huge inspiration for her creations. I can't wait to see more of her work. The dishtowels are so adorable that if I owned them, I would most likely forbid anyone to actually wipe their hands on them.

the heavenly macaron (& where to get one in savannah)

recently, macarons have been all over the place. they're about as glamorous and pretty as a quilted Chanel purse. Like the cupcake, the macaron has quickly become a trendy 'fashion' food that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. a dessert that was born in paris, the macaron has been easy to find in adorable little bakeries in most cities across the country (and even some small town bakeries) and are ready to order online but in Savannah? Why, yes. Even Savannah can offer you this petite delight.

The best macaron i've had in Savannah came from the absolutely gorgeous French eatery Papilotte on Broughton Street. The second you step foot into the place you are greeted with not only smiling faces (nicest employees there, i must say.) but with an intoxicating scent of French cuisine that will make you melt.

For a $1.85 each you can be the proud owner of, yes you guessed it, a macaron. With changing flavors every day, you must have a taste! On top of having delicious desserts, there are plenty of mouthwatering savory meals  to choose from (one of my personal favorites: their brioche bread). The best part of going in there is that you're bound to leave with something, and there is no pressure to sit right there to eat it. You can take out, in fact it seems encouraged which is a breathe of fresh air since Papilotte's menu is a unique and fancy arrangement of dishes. But do not even worry because the menu may exude a somewhat intimidating French foodie sensibility but there is nothing stuffy or intimidating about this place. It is just as comfortable as it is pretty. 

photo credit here & here

back to school weekend

it's the first weekend back for many SCAD kids returning from winter break. there are a lot of fun things going on, so keep your eyes and ears open! Two of the bars mentioned in the previous post, Hangfire & the Jinx, have some especially exciting things planned over the weekend.

First up is Friday night at Hangfire is a "COUSIN DAN/CE Party". Promising disco balls, lazer lights and plenty of 'eargasm' worthy music, it should be something to absolutely check out.

Then on Saturday, you've got a tough decision to make. At the Jinx, one of Savannah's favorite bands CUSSES is playing with Today The Moon Tomorrow the Sun and Death Cheetah at 10pm.

Now whether you choose to go to the Jinx or to Hangfire on Saturday night, you must know that another great Savannah band Sunglasses is playing around 11pm at Hangfire, with another local (and just as good & trippy) band called Aux Arc. 

So there you have it, folks. What a magical & musical Savannah weekend so go have fun.