Wednesday, September 15, 2010

vintage street style

let's look back at different street styles of the past..

The purpose of this blog is to obviously focus on the street style that happens in Savannah and getting to know personal opinions on not only style, but different things happening around Savannah. However, street style is such a wide world especially with the internet at your fingertips. With one click, you can be transported to the magical world of Danish street style, or the dreamy, sometimes cartoon-like world of Tokyo street style. You can travel all over the world and view quick snapshots of people you don't even know, admire what they are wearing and then find out why. That's a pretty fantastic thing, if you ask me.

One thing that is great about delving into the street style world is reliving the past. The paparazzi is alive and well right now as we all know, and with one flip of a tabloid while waiting for your groceries to be rung up or one click of a mouse on a gossip website you can see any celebrity waltzing down the street styled in the most fantastic clothing. It has become a huge marketing strategy where designers place these pieces on well known figures in order to attract and entice people like us. People who love to be..let's face it...voyeurs! 

With that said, I still stand by the fact that street style whether it is a celebrity or a regular person living their everyday life, is the purest form of fashion. It is usually pristine in the sense that there is no hype, no inauthenticity, it is who the person is at that very moment in the world. You see a woman walking down the street in black pants and a white tee shirt,  you see her in her element. She's not at a photo shoot with people styling her from head to toe, in order to sell an image or a product. That's what she picked out for herself that morning. It's just her.

Vintage street style takes it up a notch with the purity level because there was little to none marketing incentive back then to put on a pair of designer jeans and hold the latest bag. They were who they were. Of course these celebrities were image conscious but not nearly as much as they are now. What is great about these types of old photos of celebrities is that they are still being celebrated right now, especially in the fashion world, for the way that they dressed themselves in their everyday life. The personal style of people like Jackie O, Francoise Hardy, Steve McQueen, Anita Pallenberg, James Dean, etc. are still to this day being used as inspiration for designers' collections.  It's refreshing to look at, don't you think?

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