Saturday, September 18, 2010


Who is he?
Funfere, an industrial design student at SCAD & blogger!

Favorite Savannah spot?
"I'd have to say Montgomery street..all the way down by Montgomery Hall. It's just a whole other world down there compared to the Historic District. It's a good contrast"

What is he wearing?
First of all, check out that fantastic lego bow tie that Funfere made himself. His shoes, his bag, crisp white shirt, etc. Everything works together perfectly to give off a dapper, classic yet modern gentleman look. 

What are you inspired by?
"I'm inspired by taking bits and pieces of other styles that are different than mine, or similar, and putting my own twist on it" After spending a couple of minutes with him, it became clear that he's a fan of mixing different ideas, not paying attention to hype and brand names, and putting his personality into what he's wearing.

Take a look at his blog for more on Funfere and his fantastic style & outlook on fashion. 

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