Saturday, September 18, 2010


Who is he?
Eduardo, a fashion major at SCAD

Favorite Savannah spot?
"Pulaski Square," Eduardo explained after giving the question some thought, "It's beautiful, the grass is high and the trees remind me of lightning bolts"

What is he wearing?
Layering black shorts over some "man-leggings" (let's call them meggings.) is something that I haven't seen yet but want to see more of. Eduardo pulls this whole outfit off perfectly. It's a great 'extra something' for an all black & white outfit. Love his glasses also.

Favorite trend/presentation at this past week's NYC Fashion Week?
Eduardo called Rodarte's Spring 2011 collection one of his favorites which was a surprise for him since he never cared for Rodarte before. Check out the collection here. I'd have to agree with him 100%.

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