Wednesday, February 23, 2011

time to talk bbq.

Yes, this is a style blog. Yes, this is a Savannah blog. So what else could represent Savannah or Southern style better than BBQ? Being a New Jersey native, the idea of southern cuisine is a bit foreign to me. While living in Savannah for the past year, I've tried to submerse myself in good ol' fashioned southern food every once in a while. Though I'm not a big fan of ribs and pork, I'm a fan of bbq sauce slathered chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread, green beans, sweet tea, etc. Obviously this post is very diet friendly, so keep reading if you're trying to lose some pounds. Just kidding, don't keep reading or else you'll probably explode. 

So what's the deal? What is your favorite bbq place around Savannah? I know people get very defensive and attached to certain establishments. And since I'm not very daring in the food department, I don't have much to go by, but i'm giving it a shot. These are my two favorites so far. What are yours?

514 MLK Blvd.
Savannah, GA

Now, this is the first BBQ place I have tried in Savannah (aside from Polk's Market, but my friend and I just grabbed it really quick and I didn't really eat much of it.). The first time I came here was with a group of girls and we literally didn't leave until the waiter was pretty much forcing us out because they were closing. With such a great beer selection, I say they should expand their hours til 11pm! Anyway, I tried the grilled chicken plate with some sort of spicy jalapeno honey sauce and a side of mac and cheese. It was a taste-bud pleaser, and the Palm beer that I ordered really helped wash it all down. It was delicious and fun. After leaving, I became its biggest fan and wanted to go back. I've been back two different times since then, each time bringing people that were visiting me. Both times I had the pulled smoked chicken sandwich, split the parmesan onion rings with the people I dined with and a cold glass of Purple Haze beer. Tasty, decently priced and a great laid back atmosphere with nice staff. 

21 West Oglethorpe Lane
Savannah, GA

This place was something that I had only heard about and never actually laid eyes on. When people would talk about Angel's, it was like they were describing a religious experience. Located in the alleyway of a church, it might as well be a religious experience (at least the kind that i'm interested in having). Walking in there, it was like this secret gem that I felt relieved to finally discover after hearing so many tales. It was tiny and cozy, making me feel instantly comfortable even when I got stage fright when it was my turn to order. That's something I get pretty much everywhere even though I tend to order the same variety of things all the time. So many options, though! Anyway,  I stuck to my ol' faithful, a pulled chicken sandwich, (man, i should get more daring, shouldn't I?) I was blown away with how succulent it was. Melt in your mouth might not be the proper description because I felt it melted on the plate before I was even able to grab a hold of it. It was a messy pile of southern goodness. I get it now, Angels' followers.

any other suggestions? I'm all ears.


  1. I have to support Angel's all the way, since they've just recently come out with a faux BBQ sandwich for all of us vegetarians and vegans out here in Savannah. Thanks Angel's - we love you for it!!

  2. that's awesome! i didn't even realize that they had a vegan option. it sounds delicious too. I should try that next time.