Thursday, February 10, 2011

head over heels for 'Pre Luv B'

Any girl or guy that is into vintage shopping understands that the thrill of the 'hunt' is a thrill like no other. What's better than going through racks and racks of previously loved gems only to find not one but two (or three!) precious items that are not only wonderful but the price tag won't make you cringe! That, my friends, is the ideal fashion hunt. There are many magical vintage/thrift/antiques stores sprinkled around our Savannah, but one in particular is absolutely worth your attention. So, keep driving or walking past Forsyth and make your way to Pre Luv B @ 37th & Abercorn Antiques.

Located in a gigantic old yellow mansion on 37th street and Abercorn, this antiques haven is now home to Pre Luv B which is a small but amazing consignment store. Unlike other consignments stores in town, if you decide to sell your previously loved items, they split the profit with you 50/50. That's a pretty good deal. Though it is a pretty new little shop, it is already filled with chic items in all sizes, styles and colors. You're bound to find something to fall in love with.

I was lucky enough to pop in and see the hard work that was going into the Valentines Day campaign. It was a beautiful day and the set exuded a romantic and bohemian feel. Everything involved in the shoot can be found at Pre Luv B and 37th & Abercorn Antiques. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos from the lookbook shoot & for the Valentines Day campaign. Dressing yourself up in pretty vintage clothing, being in love and being surrounded by gorgeous antiques is anyone's daydream and the interns and staff who worked on the shoot truly made this come to life.

So please, next time you're in the area, go walk around the shop, let yourself fall in love with various items and feel completely enamored with the delicate yet cozy decor. Also, don't forget to follow them on twitter for updates on what's going on in the shop!

Pre Luv B 
(located on the second floor at 37th & Abercorn Antiques)
201 East 37th Street
Savannah, GA

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Sun- 11am-4pm

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