Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the heavenly macaron (& where to get one in savannah)

recently, macarons have been all over the place. they're about as glamorous and pretty as a quilted Chanel purse. Like the cupcake, the macaron has quickly become a trendy 'fashion' food that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. a dessert that was born in paris, the macaron has been easy to find in adorable little bakeries in most cities across the country (and even some small town bakeries) and are ready to order online but in Savannah? Why, yes. Even Savannah can offer you this petite delight.

The best macaron i've had in Savannah came from the absolutely gorgeous French eatery Papilotte on Broughton Street. The second you step foot into the place you are greeted with not only smiling faces (nicest employees there, i must say.) but with an intoxicating scent of French cuisine that will make you melt.

For a $1.85 each you can be the proud owner of, yes you guessed it, a macaron. With changing flavors every day, you must have a taste! On top of having delicious desserts, there are plenty of mouthwatering savory meals  to choose from (one of my personal favorites: their brioche bread). The best part of going in there is that you're bound to leave with something, and there is no pressure to sit right there to eat it. You can take out, in fact it seems encouraged which is a breathe of fresh air since Papilotte's menu is a unique and fancy arrangement of dishes. But do not even worry because the menu may exude a somewhat intimidating French foodie sensibility but there is nothing stuffy or intimidating about this place. It is just as comfortable as it is pretty. 

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