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For our second featured interview post, I'd like to introduce you all to Bridget Blanton who runs a unique style blog based in Savannah. Bridget expresses her personal taste and talents throughout her blog but especially when it comes to her street style posts that do not involve a camera, but instead her impressive sketching skills. It truly gives a new twist to the idea of capturing a stranger's essence based on what they are wearing. So let's get to know more about Bridget and her blog The Fashion File (formerly the Savannah Sartorialist)

1. Hi Bridget! First, thank you for participating in this interview! I have to say, your blog The Fashion File is a really interesting and dynamic site! It really does a fantastic job at showcasing your amazing fashion sketching skills as well as showing your personality. What was your intention when you first started the blog?

No problem at all! I’m really flattered that you’ve asked to interview me. My initial intentions for the blog were to record inspiration I found around Savannah as a resource for my own fashion designs. I started it back in 2008 when I was just beginning to take fashion classes at SCAD. I found myself constantly checking out The Sartorialist and thought that I could do something similar (hence the “formally known as The Savannah Sartorialist”). It was also a great way for me to break out of my shell a bit and approach people I didn’t know. It really brightens their day when you tell them how fantastic their outfit is! From there the blog has really been an evolving project that changes as I do!

2. I find it so fantastic that instead of snapping street style photographs of people around Savannah, you actually sketch them! That's pretty amazing. Can you describe your process from finding the right person all the way to completing the final sketch?

The idea for sketching instead of photographing people began with a project I had for a class. I was struggling to do more with my blog and combining my two favorite things, fashion and illustration, seemed the way to go. My process is usually to set up somewhere with lots of passer-bys. From there I just wait for someone to peak my interest (more than just a cute piece, but an entire look that I find particularly stylish) and then “speed sketch” as many details as possible. Then I take that back home and make any necessary changes to help the drawing read better. At times when I don’t have my sketchbook but I find someone really inspiring, I’ll snap a photo on my phone or with my camera and do the drawing later.

3. Is there a certain spot/neighborhood in Savannah that you would consider the most stylish & best for gaining inspiration?

I usually find the best folks on Broughton St. It’s where you find both locals and tourists. Coffee shops and more recently frozen yogurt shops seem the best place for me to get a great view and have plenty of time to hang out and sketch. Two other great spots: Forsyth Park and of course, the SCAD fashion building.

4. I understand that you're a SCAD fashion student. What is your favorite thing that you've learned so far from the fashion program and how have you incorporated it into your everyday life?

Well, I’ve actually changed majors to Illustration and now only have a minor in Fashion. However, I learned a ton in the classes I’ve taken. The most favorite thing I’ve learned has to be how to make inspiration boards and research books. I love collecting images and organizing images on a page. It’s something that helps a great deal when related to my illustration work as well. The program also taught me to look for inspiration ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. It’s an important as a visual artist or designer to have “a good eye.” That’s something I definitely use daily.

5. As a fellow SCAD fashion student, I've got to admit that I'm so jealous of your sketching skills. I'm just awful at it! Have you always loved to draw? 

Drawing has been a passion of mine since I was small. I eventually found that I was obsessed with drawing women and dressing them in “fancy” clothes. I’ve been obsessed ever since! 

6. What are some of your favorite things in general about living/going to school in Savannah?

The scenery is the best. There’s a perfect balance of green and city here. I love all things antique and vintage and that love is what drew me to Savannah. I’m always inspired by the ornate iron work and little details on the buildings. Location wise it’s the perfect distance from home (about 4 hours) and the beach!

7. Savannah has some pretty good shopping, whether you want new or vintage. What are some of your fashion/shopping suggestions for Savannah girls?

Shopping in Savannah isn’t complete without a stop at Civvies! I’m in love with vintage clothes, and Civvies always has my fix! Red Clover, Terra Cotta, Custard, and the newly opened Fab’rik are some of my favorite places to find new pieces. 

8. Are there any blogs that you frequent religiously? What draws you to a good blog & what makes you want to return to it?

The Sartorialist is always at the top of my must-visit blog list. I check blogs when I need inspiration and Schuman’s images always speak to me whether it is for a fashion or illustration project. I also frequent Garance Dore’s blog, street style bloggers, and most recently, Mint Design Blog.

9. One word to describe Savannah?


10. Thank you again for answering these questions! I hope you continue to post your wonderful street style sketches because you've got a great eye and talent for it! I know I'll keep checking back for them :)

Thank you! I hope to get back into posting more regularly soon!

for more, check out bridget's blog the fashion file!

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